Saturday, 8 September 2012

Database Connection Parameters in Informaitca

Database Connection Parameters 
You can create user-defined database connection session parameters to reuse sessions for different relational sources, targets, or lookups. You can create a database connection parameter in the session properties of any session that uses a relational source, target, or lookup. Name all database connection session parameters with the prefix $DBConnection, followed by any alphanumeric and underscore characters. When you define the parameter in the parameter file, you can reference any database connection in the repository. 

For example, you have a session you want to use with two relational sources. You access the first source with a database connection named “Marketing” and the second with a connection named “Sales.” In the session, you create a source database connection parameter named $DBConnection_Source. In the parameter file, you define $DBConnection_Source as Marketing and run the session. After the session completes, dyou set $DBConnection_Source to Sales in the parameter file, and then run the session.
Alternatively, you can create two different parameter files, one for each source database connection. You can then use pmcmd to specify which parameter file to use when you start the session. 

If you want to use the same database connection for more than one connection, such as source and target, you can enter the same $DBConnection parameter for both source and target database connection. In the parameter file, enter one default value for the $DBConnection parameter. The PowerCenter Server uses the same DBConnectionName when accessing source and target.Similarly heterogeneous sources may also use the same $DBConnection parameter. 

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