Saturday, 15 September 2012

Deployment Groups in Informatica-OBIA

A Deployment group is a global object that consist of  copy of objects from the same folder or from multiple folders.
We use deployment group to copy objects to another folder or repository. We will see how to create a deployment group 
Creating a Deployment Group
  • Open the Repository Manager
  • Click Tools > Deployment > Groups(This will display the existing deployment groups)
  • Click New to create a  deployment group
  • Enter a name for the deployment group.
  • We can create either static or dynamic deployment group.
  • Click OK.

Now we will see how to see the Objects in a deployment group
Viewing the Objects in a Deployment Group
  • Go to the Repository Manager
  • Click Tools > Deployment > Groups.
  • In the Deployment Group Browser, select the deployment group that you want to view and then click View Group.

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