Tuesday, 11 September 2012

How to run Informatica Workflow using Unix command

To run the workflow first need to got the command line and go to the folder where the executable is installed. Mostly you can find the pmcmd command in \server\bin\directory.

pmcmd startworkflow -sv <Integration Service Name> -d <Domain Name> -u <Integration Service Username> -p <Password> -f <Folder Name> <Workflow>

pmcmd startworkflow -sv qpd_Service -d qpd_Domain -u Administrator -p admin -f Alex wf_sales_tax

Before that we need to configure the environment variables and make the necessary changes

  • Go to control panel->systems->advanced ->environment variable->system variable and add a new system variable and in the variable value set the path of your server machine where informatica is installed (where pmcmd.exe file is present)
  • After that Go to control panel->systems->advanced ->environment variable->system variable and there you can see the PATH variable present just add a “; “ at the end and add the path


  1. Name of vaiable is also important to be mentioned : SHLIB_PATH

  2. Where is the control panel available in unix environment

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