Friday, 14 September 2012

What is a Debugger in Informatica and when to use it?

A debugger is used to troubleshoot the errors in a Informatica mapping that you find before running a session or after saving the mapping and running the session. To debug a mapping, first we need to configure the debugger and then run the same within the Mapping Designer.
The Debugger makes use of the existing session or creates a debug session of its own to debug the mapping.
Debugging can be done in either of the below situations.
  • Before running the session: Once you are done with the mapping you can do the debugging on the mapping before making the session to check the initial results
  • After you run a session: When you encounter any errors while running the sessions then you can go to the mapping and start debugger with the existing session
Will update about debugger in my next post.....

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