Wednesday, 5 September 2012

How to use Unix in Informatica? Use of UNIX in Informatica

Hi guys, you may be well aware of Informatica through the posts that I have put before.Now we will see how important is Unix in Informatica.
Informatica server can be installed either on  Windows or Unix.When installed on Windows its easy to handle ,but in case of Unix we need to know about the scripts like PMCMD for aborting workflow and scheduling jobs or running workflows etc.

For Example in order to start workflow in command line mode we have to use:
pmcmd StartWorkflow
<<-service|-sv> service [<-domain|-d> domain] [<-timeout|-t> timeout]>
<<-user|-u> username|<-uservar|-uv> userEnvVar>
<<-password|-p> password|<-passwordvar|-pv> passwordEnvVar>
 [<-folder|-f> folder]
[<-paramfile> paramfile]
[<-localparamfile|-lpf> localparamfile]
[<-osprofile|-o> OSUser]
[<-runinsname|-rin> runInsName]
Also apart from that we can use Unix in many other cases also like
  • To create Paramerter files or some other important files on Informatica
  • For sending emails to users
  • To check flat  files if they are in proper or not
  • Used to delete,insert and update during Pre and Post sessions

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