Thursday, 1 November 2012

User Level Security in OBIEE

User Authentication in OBIEE

The goal of the authentication configuration is to get a confirmation of the identity of a user based on the credentials provided.
In OBIEE, the credentials provided are hold in this two variables:
  • USER 
The authentication process in OBIEE is managed by the BI Server.
OBIEE Support four types of authentication
  1. LDAP Authentication : Users are authenticated based on credentials stored in LDAP.This is the BEST method to do authentication in OBIEE and it supports company’s Single Sign On (SSO) philosophy as well.
  2. External Table Authentication : you can maintain lists of users and their passwords in an external database table and use this table for authentication purposes.
  3. Database Authentication : The Oracle BI Server can authenticates user based on database logins. If a user has read permission on a specific database. Oracle BI Presentation Services authenticates those users.
  4. Oracle BI Server User Authentication : You can maintain lists of users and their passwords in the Oracle BI repository using the Administration Tool. The Oracle BI Server will attempt to authenticate users against this list when they log on.

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