Sunday, 25 November 2012

How to Calculate Memory Cache for Informatica Objects

Cache Calculator Is To Calculate Memory Per Informatica Object.

In Informatica Workflow we have something called Cache Calculator. This is to calculate the Data cache per objects .While working on objects like Lookup Cache, Joiner Cache, Aggregator Cache, Sorter Cache we don’t have worry about the complex memory size used by these objects if we can calculate it by ourselves.
This feature is available with version Informatica 8.1.1 onwards.

Now we will see how to do!
  • First you need to Login to the Workflow manager and Open the required session.
  • Once you have opened the session, there you can see mapping tab.
  • In the mapping tab you can find the transformation objects used in the Informatica Mapping.
  • Select one of the objects that would use memory for caching.
  • There you can find the Objects Data Cache Size and Objects Index Cache Size Properties.
The data cache Calculators are different for different objects
As you can see below for Lookup transformation there is a calculate button which will calculate the memory size. In order to calculate the lookup cache size we need to give the number of unique rows in a lookup. To calculate the unique rows you can make use of the SQL override or the Session log data

In case of Aggregator transformation as seen below we can calculate the memory size but first we need to determine the number of groups in an aggregator transformation. For that you can use session log data or SQL query

For Sorter transformation we need to give the number of rows in sorter

For ranker Transformation we need to determine the number of rows in a rank using the session log or SQL

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