Monday, 12 November 2012

Informatica Power Center Designer Windows

You can display the following windows in the Designer:
  • Navigator Connect to repositories, and open folders within the Navigator. You can also copy objects and create shortcuts within the Navigator.
  • WorkspaceOpen different tools in this window to create and edit repository objects, such as sources, targets, mapplets, transformations, and mappings.
  • Output. View details about tasks you perform, such as saving your work or validating a mapping.
  • Status bar. Displays the status of the operation you perform.
  • OverviewAn optional window to simplify viewing a workspace that contains a large mapping or multiple objects. Outlines the visible area in the workspace and highlights selected objects in color.
  • Instance data. View transformation data while you run the Debugger to debug a mapping.
  • Target data. View target data while you run the Debugger to debug a mapping.

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