Friday, 9 November 2012

An Overview on Business Objects

BUSINESSOBJECTS is an integrated query, reporting and analysis solution used by Business Professionals .Business Objects has got a graphical user interface for accessing data and the advantage of BO is that you need just the knowledge of Business functionalities and not the technical knowledge about the data structures inside.

To access the source (DataSource Available for Business Objects) first we need to build the Data Provider (Dataproviders for Business Objects ).In order to build the data provider we need one module named REPORTER module. Based the project report requirements Supervisor may or may not restrict access to data providers and even certain objects within a universe,


For accessing data first you need to set up the Database connections. End users need not worry about the connections which make it easy, but in some cases they can create their own connection (like in free-hand SQL).For example, in Queries on universes the database connection is set up the universe designer and will be hidden from the user. For Stored procedures data provider the supervisor creates the connection

Using Business Objects we can combine data from different sources in to one report. Also you can create data provider either when you create a new document or when you are working in an existing document

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