Monday, 5 November 2012

Purging Options in OBIEE

Invoking ODBC Extension Functions

The following ODBC functions affect cache entries associated with the repository specified by the ODBC connection. You can call these functions using the nqcmd.exe command-line executable.

The syntax of the call will be as follows:
nqcmd -d "Analytics Web" –u administrator –p sadmin –s purge.txt.
Where purge.txt contains the call (for example, call SAPurgeAllCache())

The different Purging options in OBIEE are;
  1. SAPurgeCacheByQuery Read More 
  2. SAPurgeCacheByTable Read More 
  3. SAPurgeAllCache Read More 
  4. SAPurgeCacheByDatabase Read More

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  1. Please add Event pulling table (S_NQ_EPT) option also.


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