Saturday, 17 November 2012

Views In Informatica (MX Views)

Informatica Power Center makes use of various views to interact with the Informatica repository. Once the repository is set up we can avail these views by default. These views Allows us to view Informatica metadata in a meaningful manner

Just like how we have data dictionaries in Oracle which helps to check the information related to objects like index, table, and synonym in the same way we have MX views in Informatica Power Center. Now we will see what kind of information these views store. For example you can find source and target table information and dependencies for the source and targets in mapping. Also it helps to support Decision Support System (DSS) tools by giving the much needed information.

Now let’s check what different views available

Mapping and Mapplet Views
Metadata Extension Views
Transformation Views
Workflow, Worklet, and Task Views
Security Views
Deployment Views
Repository View
Integration Service Views
Change Management Views

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