Thursday, 15 November 2012

New Applications Introduced In SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.0

Below I have mentioned few features that are newly introduced in SAP BUSINESS OBJECTS 4.0.
Upgrade Management Tool
This is new component of SAP BO which helps to upgrade the repository with contents from previous versions of SAP Business Objects

This is also a new tool in SAP Business Objects version 4.0.This application is mainly used for reporting purpose and is used by Sys Admin to monitor the functionality of an application and check for the response time. This will help in reporting purpose ,to View critical system KPIs and to know the runtime metrics for analyzing peak load

The Information Design Tool
The information design tool is tool used for creating and publishing new SAP Business Objects universes and connections. The existing universe connections can be edited using the information design tool. The universes created by the information design tool can be used by the below SAP Applications.
SAP Business Objects Web Intelligence 4.0
SAP Crystal Reports for enterprise 4.0
SAP Business Objects Explorer 4.0
SAP Business Objects Dashboard Design 4.0

The information design tool allows creating local connections and secured connections in the repository. Also it lets you navigate several repositories at the same time.

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