Monday, 5 November 2012

How to query a repository using Query Repository Tool?

Before reading how to query a repository know about Query Repository Tool and its use Read More
  1. In the repository, right-click any object and choose Display Related > [type of object on which you want to search].
  2. In the Query Repository dialog box, the type of object is prefilled
  3. In the Query Repository dialog box, complete the query information using QueryRepository Fields & Buttons Table as a guide. This table contains a description of most fields and buttons in the Query Repository dialog box.
  4. Click Query.
  5. To save a repository query to an external file, click Save.
  6. In the Save As dialog box, choose a type of file and an Encoding value.
  7. To add additional columns of information to the results, click Add Columns.
  8. In the Select information to add to the report dialog box, select the columns you want from the list and click OK.
  9. You can re-order the columns by selecting a checked column and clicking Up or Down.
  10. In the Save as dialog box, type a file name and select a Save as type.
  11. Click Save.
Query Repository Tool
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