Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How to Configure the Destinations Tab of iBots/Agents in OBIEE

Configure the Destinations Tab

Destinations tab is used to specify a range of desired devices and destinations for iBots.
To select the user Destinations:
  • User destinations can be the Interactive Dashboards or the Active Delivery
profile of specific users who have configured Oracle Delivers.
To select the specific Devices:
  • We can choose the devices using the check boxes provided.
To select the system services:
This section describes the system services available for administrators on the Destinations page.
  1. Oracle BI Server Cache: This is used for seeding cache.(choose the Personalized option for data visibility at the General tab)
  2. Disconnected Application Cache:This setting is for organizations that have licensed Disconnected Analytics or a disconnected application such as Oracle’s Siebel Pharma Mobile Analytics.(Nonpersonalized data is not used for Disconnected Analytics users.)

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