Friday, 9 November 2012

Write Back in OBIEE

Write Back is the ability to enter or update values directly into a report and have those values stored directly in to the database. In Reports of Answer you can give a column as updateable and then view the reports, this option is called write back.

You can use this functionality only in a table view. If you want to use it on a pivot, you must first transform your table view as a pivot view.

In order to implement this feature in OBIEE we have to make some changes in the repository as well as in the presentation services layers. Process of presenting an Answers interface so that users can update data in database tables or insert new rows.

Steps that should be followed before using Write Back feature

  1. Making the table uncacheable from the physical layer of the repository.
  2. Configuring the write back in the connection pool.
  3. Granting the privileges of write back to the user from the Presentation Services.
  4. Creating a XML Template and specifying the insert and update queries for write back.
  5. Enabling write back from the column properties of the column in the request.
  6. Specifying the template name in the table view write back properties of the request.

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