Saturday, 17 November 2012

Target Views In Informatica

Target Views in Informatica provides you all the information about the latest version of all target definitions defined by folder of any PowerCenter repository for relational or non relational sources. Target views shows target properties such as shortcuts, creation date, version, description, and business name.

Below listed are some of the important Target views
REP_ALL_TARGETS (provides a list of the latest version of all targets defined in each folder of a
REP_ALL_TARGET_FLDS (This view provides all the fields and field properties for targets defined)

Target views gives you much need information about targets like
Target Parent Folder Name (PARENT_SUBJECT_AREA)
Target Description (TARGET_DESCRIPTION)
Last Saved Time For Target Table (TARGET_LAST_SAVED)
Target Repository Name (REPOSITORY_NAME)
Source Link From Which Target Col Created (TARGET_FIELD_SOURCE_FIELD_ID)
Data type Target Field (TARGET_FIELD_DATATYPE)

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