Tuesday, 27 November 2012

How to Configure the Recipients Tab of iBots/Agents in OBIEE

Configure the Recipients Tab

Recipients tab is used to select the users and groups to receive the delivery content of the iBot.
To send the delivery content to the creator of the iBot:
  • Click the Me option.
To send the delivery content to multiple users:
  1. Click the A specific list of recipients option.
  2. Click the Choose recipients button to open the Select Recipients dialog box and specify the eligible users and groups.
To allow users to subscribe to the iBot:
  1. Click the following option:Publish for subscription. 
When you select the Publish for subscription option, the Allow subscribers to customize iBot option is enabled.This option allow subscribers to customize iBot and also enables subscribers to supply filter values for prompted filters for columns in an iBot.
  1. Click the Select button to open the Select Subscribers dialog box and specify the eligible users and groups.
  2. Click the Save this iBot button to save this shared iBot.
To allow the recipients to be determined dynamically from the results of a conditional request:
  1. Click the following option:Determine recipients from conditional request
  2. To identify the column that contains the desired recipients, make a selection from the Column Containing Recipients drop-down list.You can also specify a second column from the request.
  3. To send a subset of the data in the delivery content, click the following option:Show relevant rows only
For example, if a request runs, and only a subset of rows in the result pertains to a single user, only those rows are delivered.
NOTE: You must be an Oracle BI administrator to see this option.
To disallow users from subscribing to the iBot:
  • Click the following option to remove the check mark: 
Publish for subscription.
To unsubscribe users to the iBot:
  1. Click the Modify button in the Current Subscribers area.
  2. Select the users to unsubscribe, click the delete button, and then click OK.

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