Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Session Log File Directory(Informatica Session Property Settings)

The Session Log File Directoryunder Informatica Session Property Settings gives the location for the session log file. By default, the Integration Service writes the log file in the service process variable directory, $PMSessionLogDir.
For example, in a session, you leave Session Log File Directory set to its default value, the $PMSessionLogDir server variable. For Session Log File Name, you enter the session parameter $PMSessionLogFile. In the parameter file, you set $PMSessionLogFile to “TestRun.txt”.
When you registered the Power Center Server, you defined $PMSessionLogDir as C:/Program Files/Informatica/PowerCenter Server/SessLogs. When the Power Center Server runs the session, it creates a session log named TextRun.txt in the C:/Program Files/Informatica/PowerCenter Server/SessLogs directory.
NoteIncase you enter a full directory and file name in the Session Log File Name field, then we have to keep this field empty.


  1. Hi, whenever I use -lpf parameter with pmcmd command, the workflow runs perfectly fine but the moment, i add this same path in the Parameter FileName under Workflow 'Properties' and try to execute the workflow from the Workflow Manager, i get the error that parameter file is not found. Now, the path which i am giving for '-lpf' is /apps/config/informatica/param.txt. I dont understand, why always i am succeeding when i am overriding the parameter file name whereas when i add it in the workflow properties, it doesnt find the file. By default, is any Informatica Environment variable is set which needs to be changed

  2. You can set the value of $PMSession Under Informatica console -- integration service -- processes


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