Tuesday, 9 October 2012

IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office

IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office can be used to work with secure IBM Cognos BI content in Microsoft Office environment.

People that are more comfortable with Microsoft Office can use Cognos for Microsoft Office to access information using the office applications. IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office provides access to all IBM Cognos report content, including data, metadata, headers, footers, and charts. IBM Cognos for Microsoft makes it possible for users to work with Cognos Business Intelligence content in Microsoft Office applications. You can use predefined reports, or create new content
using IBM Cognos Query Studio, IBM Cognos Analysis Studio, or IBM Cognos Report Studio.The key factors of Cognos for Microsoft Office is that everyone is working through specifically managed data and client side maintenance is eliminated.

Cognos Content in Microsoft Excel

By importing content into Microsoft Excel spreadsheet software, users can work with the data and can use formatting,calculation,charting and presentation capabilities and features of Microsoft Excel.The report author once creates the report and it can be reused anywhere, which reduces IT rework and duplication.Using Microsoft Office at the beginning point can help users familiarize with Cognos BI even if they don’t have any prior training. They can access Cognos Business Intelligence content in a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet, where they can work with Cognos reports, apply calculations and use their existing Excel spreadsheet macros.

With other Microsoft Office components like Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Word, you can import BI content and can include in reports and charts to enhance your presentations and documents.Content that is refreshable keeps information current for presentations and important documents.They can also import business intelligence (BI) content into a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation or a Word document for presentation and distribution.

IBM Cognos for Microsoft Office provides

  • Familiar Interface: The familiar interface of Microsoft Office allows the users to use business intelligence data for the daily processes and presentations with minimal training.
  • Import and Refresh: The import and refresh capabilities enable business users to import the BI content directly and easily into Microsoft Office tools and update data when necessary.
  • Centralized Administration: The central administration increases the accuracy of data and how fast the content or data is delivered.
  • Secure Access: Microsoft Office applications provide secure access to Cognos Business Intelligence content and thereby help us to ensure that BI content is accurate and not compromised.

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