Thursday, 11 October 2012

IBM Cognos Connection

IBM Cognos Connection is the portal to IBM Cognos software.IBM Cognos Connection is the Web portal for IBM Cognos Business Intelligence. IBM Cognos Connection provides a single access point to all corporate data available in IBM Cognos software.

You can use IBM Cognos Connection to work with entries such as reports, analyses, queries, agents, metrics, and packages also to create shortcuts, URLs, and pages, and to organize entries. It is the starting point to access your BI information.You can use IBM Cognos Connection to create and run reports and cubes and distribute reports. You can also use it to create and run agents and schedule entries. Cognos Connection provides a single access point to applications so you can view and analyse your data. Use the portal to
publish, find, manage, organize, and view your organization's business intelligence content, such as reports, scorecards, and agents.

Metadata is published to Cognos Connection through packages. Each package points to a different data source. Through the packages you can access reports (written in Report Studio), queries (written in Query Studio), analyses (created in Analysis Studio) and metrics (Metric Studio). You can also access agents, which set up alerts for various conditions relating to your data. If you have the necessary permissions, you can access the various studios from the portal and use the portal for content administration, including scheduling and distributing reports, and creating jobs. By mouse-clicking on an entry in Cognos Connection users can execute queries, reports and analyses, or see pre-run results, avoiding the need to re-create output that has recently been run.

IBM Cognos Connection
Cognos Connection is……
  • Customizable portal interface to all Cognos 10 content (reports, analyses, queries, agents, metrics, and packages)
    • Public Folders are shared and secured by user or group
    • My Folders is private
  • Launching point for different capabilities based on permissions
    • Studios, administrative functions
  • Used to set preferences
    • Language, run options, home page
  • Access and personalize content
    • Access and view content, live or saved output versions
    • Open the report for editing
    • Personalize the view by setting prompt values, output format, language
    • Schedule the report to be run in the future or at recurring intervals
You can customize your display by adding
  • shortcuts to items such as queries and reports
  • links to files and web sites, and
  • your own portal pages
  • folders to organize entries neatly
Portal pages contain ‘portlets’ and give you a very personalized view of your data and the way it is displayed. You can add
  • Cognos content – select from a menu
  • A search tool to locate entries in Cognos Connection
  • Extended applications, for example created by the Software Development Kit
  • A metrics watchlist
  • Pages from other web sites
Cognos Connection adds valuable functionality to your reports and analyses. For example
  • reports can be scheduled and distributed by email if required
  • access to reports and packages can be restricted

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