Thursday, 11 October 2012

Difference between IBM Cognos and SAP Business Objects(BO)

Divided into many tools like Analysis Studio, Query Studio, Report Studio
All in one package- Web Intelligence
Appropriate integration between all the tools
Many tools and no Proper Integration between Queries, Excessive.
Metadata is common to all tools, which offers performance and scalability
Flexible and Scalable
Separately Structured Interfaces
Integrated Dashboards
Very clear and service oriented Business Intelligence
Unclear BI future perspective because of too many tools
Can be done even with the basic End Users.
IT professionals needed for every change
Loss of Performance while scaling up the hardware
Performance is consistent while Scaling UP
No proper tool available to store the documents
Business Objects XI Info view is used to store the documents.
Customers feel Cognos is Complex
Customers complain BO is not fully Business Intelligence yet.
Impromptu is relatively weaker.
BO's adhoc reporting capability is superior
Cognos ROLAP Tools and MOLAP Cubes
BO is primarily ROLAP
Inbox drill through from one report to other
Time Consuming Drill Through feature
Learning is exhaustive because of many separate tools.
Learning is easy since many tools are merged.


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  2. I think is a superficial view that does not take into account the features of the latest version of BO.

  3. The statement "IT professionals needed for every change" is completely wrong with regards to creating/modifying reports in WebI. WebI is a very easy to use end user tool.


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