Wednesday, 10 October 2012

IBM Cognos Report Studio

IBM Cognos Report Studio is a report authoring tool that professional report authors and developers use to create sophisticated and managed reports. IBM Cognos Report Studio is a robust report design and authoring tool. Report Studio is a full-blown report generation tool.

With Report Studio, users can create any business intelligence report that an organization requires, such as weekly sales and inventory reports, with any data source (relational or multidimensional). Reports are written in XML which is an enhancement of the universal web page mark-up language HTML. This means report users don’t have to install any software on their desktops except a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer. Using IBM Cognos Report Studio, report
authors can create, edit, and distribute a wide range of professional reports.

Cognos Report Studio is a web-based report writing tool.Report Studio provides powerful functionality, such as bursting, prompts, maps, and advanced charting, and provides many ways to customize reports.All development takes place online, using a standard web browser.You can author entire range of enterprise reports with relational or dimensional data sources, and show data in lists, crosstabs, and various kinds of charts.Report specifications are held in a database known as the Content Store.You can write a report once and distribute it to many users in multiple languages and formats. Cognos Report Studio works with star schemas (a database layout used extensively in data warehousing) and can access stored procedures (database programs) as well as traditional database layouts.

Your users can interact with the reports you distribute if you add prompts or enable drill-through access to another report, or both. By answering prompts when a report is run, your users customize the contents of the report to meet their information needs. It will also work with any SQL, functions etc that your database allows.One authored report can then meet the requirements of many users. By enabling drill-through access to another report, your users can navigate from one report to the next.

Use Report Studio for reports that
  • Are intended for a wide audience
  • Exist long enough to require maintenance for changing requirements and data
  • Require detailed control over the appearance

Since all development is in XML, completely in a web environment, you can build anything into your report that can be built into a web page, even inserting your own HTML.So you can have hyperlinks to other pages and websites, hyperlinks to other reports, 3D animated graphics.

Main features of IBM Cognos Report Studio are
  • Web-based professional report authoring environment
  • Create new reports or enhance content created by business users
  • Provides fine-grain control over layout formatting and presentation for production ready formatting
  • Additional capabilities for the professional author
o   Extend reports with interactive maps and prompts
o   Multiple logical pages for varied content
o   Interactive tables of contents
o   Create offline Active Reports
o   Incorporate statistical analysis
  • Any report can be used as a template.

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