Monday, 1 October 2012

IBM Cognos Query Studio

IBM Cognos Query Studio is the reporting tool for creating simple queries and reports in IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
Using IBM Cognos Query Studio,users can quickly design, create, and save ad-hoc queries and reports to meet reporting needs that are not covered by the standard, professional reports created in IBM Cognos Report Studio.It can be used to create self-serve reports that answer simple business questions.

IBM Cognos Query Studio
Query studio can be used to view data,create reports,change the appearance of reports and also to work with data in reports.

Cognos Query Studio
With minimal steps, you can view data, author basic reports, change the report layout, filter and sort data, add formatting, and create charts.When you use Query Studio, you interact directly with your data. With Query Studio, you can work only with relational data sources.

Query Studio
Using Query Studio, you can
  • View Data
Connect to a data source to view data in a tree hierarchy. You can expand the query subjects to see the query item details.
  • Create Reports
Use the data source to create reports, which you can save and reuse. You can also create a new report by opening an existing report, modifying or changing it, and saving it in another name.
  • Change the appearance of reports
You can improve the layout of your report. For example, you can create a chart, add a title, specify text and border styles, or reorder columns for easy comparison.
  • Work with data in a report
Use filters, summaries, and calculations to compare and analyze data. You can drill up and drill down to view related information.

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