Tuesday, 16 October 2012

OBIEE nQSError: 37005 Transactional Update Failed

This issue was there since version to Oracle BI Server version  It will appear if you edit an OBIEE repository in online mode.The administrator tool for editing the RPD is unable sometimes to acquire an exclusive lock on the objects, that in turn causes the error message.Checking in the changes on a regular basis will reduce the occurrence of this error.

As a temporary solution, the following workaround can be used.
  1. After you click on the Check-in button, do Consistency Check.
  2. Click ‘Save’ button.It will display the ‘nQSError: 37005 Transactional Update Failed’ error.
  3. Click ‘Save’ one more time despite the error.
  4. Click the ‘Close’ button.You will get a prompt, Do you want to check in the changes?
  5. Select ‘Yes’, you will get the error again.
  6. Click the ‘Close’ button again.Then you will get a prompt, Do you want to check in the changes?
  7. Select ‘No’.Then the RPD will close.
  8. If the RPD says ‘your changes will get saved’ then it means that your changes will be there when you re-open the repository.
To permanently resolve this issue, apply patch number 12909840 to
your OBIEE platform. Oracle Support released a patch for the [nQSError: 37005] Transaction update failed error.

This was "randomly" generated in OBIEE 11g during the check-in, in the Administrator Tool, when repository is opened in online mode.The fix for the Bug 9884975 is included in Patch 12909840 and can be downloaded from the Oracle Support site.Remember that you have to ask the patch password by opening a new Service Request(SR) in order to download it.


  1. Failures that trigger this error are normally written to the NQServer.log file. Check this file for errors like " has name with leading or trailing space(s). Fix that, check for consistency and save. Then restart the services.

  2. The error still exists in version

  3. temporary solution close ur rpd after u face this error and reopen and import again n check in and save


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