Monday, 15 October 2012

Session Variable in OBIEE

A session variable is a variable that is initialized at login time for each user. Session variables are created during the creation of session.i.e. as soon as a user logs into the BI server. So, every login has its own session variable.When a user begins a session, the Oracle BI Server creates a new instance of a session variable and initializes it.
There are as many instances of a session variable as there are active
sessions on the Oracle BI Server. Each instance of a session variable could be initialized to a different value.

There are two types of Session Variables:
  • System (defined by OBIEE and is reserved) : A session variable that the Oracle BI Server and Oracle BI Presentation Services use for specific purposes.
System session variables have reserved names that cannot be used for other kinds of variables.
  • Non-system (defined by developers) : A system variable that the administrator creates and names. For example, the administrator might create a Sales Region non-system variable that initializes the name of a user's sales region.
The administrator creates non-system session variables using the Oracle BI Administration Tool. 

Syntax for Referencing Session Variable

For displaying session variables, we should use

For using session variables in expression, we should use

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