Wednesday, 10 October 2012

IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced

IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced provides a single, integrated environment for advanced business users that allows you to author simple reports and explore your data.

IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced can be used to perform deeper analysis and report authoring and also advanced data exploration, such as adding additional measures, conditional formatting, and advanced calculations.With Business Insight Advanced, you can create
and format a wide variety of reports, including lists, cross tabs, charts, and financial statement style reports. User can create reports with relational or dimensional data sources, and that show data in lists, crosstabs, and charts. You can also use your own external data source. In addition, you can use it for OLAP exploration and can mix exploration and authoring activities without switching interfaces or modes.

When you are using Business Insight Advanced, if you open a report that was authored in IBM Cognos Report Studio, you can see the objects that can be inserted only in Report Studio, such as map. However, you cannot modify these objects.

IBM Cognos Business Insight Advanced is
  • Web-based, drag-and-drop content authoring interface designed for business users
    • Relational or dimensional data
    • Multiple data layouts and visualizations
    • Styles and formatting
    • Format, layout, and distribution
    • Incorporate external data
  • Content can be run as standalone report or incorporated into Business Insight workspace 
  • Leveraged as starting point for further enhancement by professional authors as needed

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