Sunday, 21 October 2012

Differences between Informatica and Ab Initio

Just like Informatica ,Ab Initio is also one of the popular ETL tools used in Market.Below are the differences between both
  1. Informatica and Ab Initio both support parallelism. Informatica power center supports parallelism but not all type of parallelism whereas Ab Initio the tool has three types of parallelisms in Ab Initio- ComponentData ,Parallelism Pipe and Line parallelism 
  2. Informatica is an engine based ETL tool, the power this tool is in its transformation engine and the code that it generates after development cannot be seen or modified whereas AbInitio is a code based ETL tool, it generates ksh or bat etc. code, which can be modified to achieve the goals, if any that cannot be taken care through the ETL tool itself.
  3. Informatica has CDC - Change Data Capture capabilities to extract only the changed data where as AbInitio has to rely on DB to provide the CDC capabilities
  4. AbInitio you can read data with multiple delimiter in a given record, where as Informatica force you to have all the fields be delimited by one standard delimiter.
  5. AbInitio scheduling is done through script or manually unlike Informatica Scheduler which is very powerful.

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  1. Hi, comment four is not accurate, powercenter can use multiple separators in the same file


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