Monday, 22 October 2012

Informatica Mapplets Overview

Mapplets  are created in Mapplet Designer. It can be defined as a set of transformations (no target tables,source tables can be there) which can be reused in multiple mappings.A Mapplet Must Have Output Transformation.
Transformation logics are created using Mapplets and after that they are re used in multiple mappings instead of re creating the same logic.

Other properties of Mapplets can be listed as given below.
  • Changes made on the mapplet will reflect on all the instances of that Mapplets.
  • Mapplets can have as many transformations but not source or target tables.
  • To receive source Data for Mapplets use Input Transformation

Components of a Mapplet
A mapplet has the following components:
Mapplet input
You can pass data into a mapplet using source definitions or Input transformations or both.When you use an Input transformation, you connect it to the source pipeline in the mapping.

Mapplet output
Each mapplet must contain one or more Output transformations to pass data from the mapplet into the mapping.

Mapplet ports
Mapplet ports display only in the Mapping Designer. Mapplet ports consist of input ports from Input transformations and output ports from Output transformations. If a mapplet uses source

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