Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Bulk Loading In Informatica

Bulk loading can be done only while loading to DB2, Sybase, Oracle, or Microsoft SQL Server else it will revert to normal load.

When bulk loading to Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle targets, the Integration Service commits data at each commit interval. Also, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle start a new bulk load transaction after each commit.
When bulk loading to Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle targets, define a large commit interval to reduce the number of bulk load transactions and increase performance.

Before doing bulk loading check the below things
  • Do not define CHECK constraints in the database.
  • Do not define primary and foreign keys in the database. However, you can define primary and foreign keys for the target definitions in the Designer.
  • To bulk load into indexed tables, choose non-parallel mode and disable the Enable Parallel Mode option.


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  2. This was a god one, i was wondering why my session was not performing a bulk load despite selecting the Bulk load.

  3. The Explanation in most of your posts is quite abridged. Please Consider elaborating with some examples.
    Anyways good work..

  4. What are the constraints/challenges for informatica to mandate not to have any constraints in table to have BULK load?


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