Saturday, 27 October 2012

Data warehousing Concepts Interview Questions & Answers

The main idea behind writing this blog is to share the very basic Concepts of Data warehousing. Here i have shared the very basic concepts of Datawarehouse including the most commonly used tools in Data warehousing and Business intelligence such as Informatica 9 ,OBIEE ,Data stage  etc…

Below are the most common questions that will give you brighter idea on Datawarehouse . Please refer and share your comments


  1. Its a huge repository for anything related to Data Warehousing.. Great Job !!

  2. Great tips! There are lots of people out there who are having much trouble to manage their warehouse. In fact , I have some friends who have this problem too. I'm glad that I found this area. I am exciting now to send this information to them in our next hangout this weekend. I'm sure they love to hear this.

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