Friday, 12 October 2012

Oracle BI Cluster Server Components

The components that comprise the BI Cluster Server feature are
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Cluster Controller
  • Clustered BI Servers
  • Master BI Server
  • BI Scheduler
  • Cluster Manager
Oracle Business Intelligence Cluster Controller
Whenever a new request arrives from BI Presentation Services and other clients, BI Cluster Controller serves as the first point of contact.The Cluster Controller determines which BI Server should be selected from the cluster to do the work or process the request.The Cluster Controller determines which BI Server in the cluster to direct the request to, based on BI Server availability and load. It monitors the operation of servers in the cluster.

The Cluster Controller is deployed in active-passive mode.
  • Primary Cluster Controller : This controller is the active cluster controller.
  • Secondary Cluster Controller : This controller is the secondary cluster controller.It assumes the role of the primary cluster controller if the primary controller is unavailable.
Clustered BI Servers
The BI Cluster Server feature supports up to 16 BI Servers in a network domain to act as a single server. BI Servers in the cluster share requests from multiple Oracle BI clients.

Master BI Server
A clustered Oracle Business Intelligence Server is designated as the Master BI Server. The Oracle Business Intelligence Administration Tool connects to the master BI Server for online repository changes.

BI Scheduler
BI Scheduler instances participate in the Cluster Server feature in active-passive mode.The active BI Scheduler instance processes jobs and executes iBot requests.The inactive BI Schedulers remain idle and do not process jobs until called on to take over the role in the event of failure of an active Scheduler.

Cluster Manager
The Cluster Manager is available in the Administration Tool when a repository is open in online mode. The Cluster Manager enables Oracle BI Server clustered instances, and activates Oracle BI Scheduler clustered instances.

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