Friday, 26 October 2012

Suspension Email for Informatica Workflows

This is about how the Integration service sends Emails when workflows gets suspended. We can configure the workflow to send emails when it gets suspended due to some reason or the other. Once the user is notified through Email they can check the reason for suspension and recover the workflow. If some other task fails while the Integration Service is suspending the actual workflow, we won’t get the suspension email again. The Integration Service suspends the parent workflow when the status of the worklet is “Suspended” or “Suspending

Steps to configure the Suspension email
Before configuring the workflow create a reusable Email task in the folder
  • Open the Workflow Designer
  • Select the Workflow and then Workflow properties
  • You can see General tab, select Suspend on Error
  • Then click the Browse Emails button to select a reusable Email task.
  • Choose the reusable Email task and save the workflow.

Note : You can also use service, service process, workflow, and worklet variables in the email user name, subject, and text. For example, you can use the service variable $PMSuccessEmailUser or $PMFailureEmailUser for the email recipient

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  1. i did suspension setting in workflow as mention but didn't get any alert.


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