Saturday, 6 October 2012

Informatica Comparison Utility

If you are interested to know about Informatica Comparison Utility then please go through the below PDF by Informatica.
Below are the main contents described in the PDF. Found it informative.
  • To compare target data and repository metadata. You can make comparisons across different repository versions or within the same version. If you compare data or metadata in one repository version, you can compare within one repository or across two repositories.
  • Create a repository definition for each repository that you want to compare. The repository definition contains connection information to the repository.
  • The Informatica Comparison Utility runs workflows and gets metadata from the base repository first when you run a job. Also it generates a report that shows the comparison.
  • After you run a job, you can view job logs, comparison reports, and session logs.

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  1. could you pls explain control-M and row level meta data concepts .Would really appriciate if you could


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