Wednesday, 31 October 2012

What Is the SAS Metadata Server?

SAS Metadata Server
The SAS Metadata Server is the most important component of the SAS Intelligence Platform. Without a SAS Metadata Server, other client applications and SAS server will not function. Hence SAS Metadata Server is a crucial part.
The SAS Metadata Server supports three types of metadata repositories:

SAS Metadata Server
Foundation repository: Its as must and each metadata server has one foundation repository
Project repository: a metadata repository for isolated working
Custom repository: optional metadata store for a SAS metadata Server

In simple words SAS Metadata Server is centralized repository used to store metadata. It stores the metadata of all the Metadata Repositories and serves it across the entire SAS Intelligence Platform

A SAS Metadata Server was introduced to maintain all the information about the underlying data files used by the SAS applications in a centralized location. The SAS Metadata Server gives a single integrated metadata and provides consistent information so that all users can get a consistent data. Using SAS Metadata Server clients can read metadata from and write metadata to one or more SAS Metadata Repositories

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  1. So is a good way to look at this component as equivalent to the data dictionary that stores this sort of information within an RDBMS such as Oracle, DB2, etc.?


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