Tuesday, 9 October 2012

IBM Cognos Business Insight

IBM Cognos Business Insight is a Web-based tool that allows you to use IBM Cognos content and external data sources like HTML and text sources to build interactive dashboards which provides a good business environment for better decision making.

In Business Insight, objects that you add to a workspace are displayed in widgets. These widgets contain content and interact with each other. Business Insight is a new WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) workspace in which users can easily create and share interactive dashboards, modify layout, colors, text, add notations or comments, create calculations and personalize widgets. You can view and open dashboards and reports, manipulate the content in the dashboards and email your dashboards. WYSIWYG is a user interface that allows
the user to view the end result while the report is being created.

IBM Cognos Business Insight

With this interface and with new capabilities offered within the studio, the need to involve IT or to switch between studios to answer basic business inquires is greatly reduced.For better decision making the user can make use of the comments and also IBM Lotus Connections social software.Within a Business Insight workspace, you work with existing content and perform basic analysis, data exploration, and effective decision making.

Cognos Business Insight

Creating dashboards using Business Insight gives users a good BI experience like better and effective decision making and allows users to complete a wide variety of tasks such as viewing,modifying and interacting with reports and sharing information.It is very important to note that this WYSIWYG is not an interface designed to develop reports from a metadata model, but is intended to give end users with very less training, the capability to pull information from multiple prebuilt reports or other sources and combine them into a single dashboard style interface.

IBM Cognos Business Insight is
  • Interactive, self-service workspace
  • Assemble and share dashboards
o    Assemble content for a personal or shared dashboard
o    Create and share interactive dashboards  
o   Arrange the elements in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) interface
  • Interact with information for greater understanding
o    Personalize the appearance with easy formatting options
o    Create calculations
o    Personalize widgets
o    Select alternate visualizations
o    Conduct further analysis in context
o    Examine data lineage

  • Share and collaborate on key information
o    Add comments or notations to clarify and question
o    Search for existing content and begin authoring in context


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